Promises and Wishes and Home Sweet Homes

I’m engaged! It means a lot to me that I’m going to be side-by-side with this man for the rest of my life, and that we get to have a family and a home together. We have a unique situation, though, and at the end of the year, we’ll be apart for a few months, which I guess is a big rehearsal for how life will be if we have to live apart at different points in time. But after those few months is going to be an exciting turn where I’ll be able to live with him!

So what are my expectations, my hopes for my future together? What do I want to build?

As a couple, we’re inappropriately affectionate and outward with our emotions. I want that to never change. I have problems with communicating, and we know this, and we work on it, and I want to always always be working on that. We support each other and I want us to support each other more and more. I want to go on old-people dates and do young-people love as old people. I’ll capture beautiful moments of you and you’ll capture beautiful moments of me and we’ll smile at the beautiful moments of us together. (Yes, that means for goodness’ sake, if you take a picture, please take a few so that something turns out well.)

I want to make a safe home. Clean and refreshing and welcoming so that when we step inside, we breathe out a sigh of relief and when other people step in, they breathe in a small gasp of loveliness. I want colors and shapes to represent our playfulness. I want space to sit and stand and work and plan and build our future.

I’m not going to wing this because this is the most important thing that’s happened to me this far and I’m going to make it wonderful.


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